• Rooms and common spaces will be cleaned per CDC Guidelines.
  • Between clients, rooms will sit empty and aired out by an open window for at least 15 minutes.
  • Hepa Filter with UVC light in each treatment room.


  • Staff will have daily health/temperature check-ins.
  • Personal protection equipment (PPE) will be worn.
  • Frequently hand washing and use of hand sanitizers will be mandatory.


  • You will be greeted at the Front Door.
  • Your temperature will be taken and you will be asked a few questions.
  • You will be asked to wash hands or use hand sanitizer when you walk in.
  • Payments will be through credit cards.


  • Only come if you have an appointment.
  • Dress warmly (no more blankets), and wear a mask at all times.
  • Please answer and sign Covid release form.
  • Please fill the Covid survey sent out 24 hours before clinic appointment.
  • Call us to reschedule if you are not feeling well for any reason.
  • We are happy to hear any of your questions or concerns.

Golden Leaf Acupuncture, INC

Specializing in Herbal Medicine, Functional Medicine, Integrative Cancer Support, Myofascial Trigger Point Acupuncture (Dry Needling), Sports injuries & Orthopedics issues, Repetitive Strain Injury, Neck/ Shoulder/Back pain, Musculoskeletal Disorders,  Stress Reduction, Pain Management and Optimum Wellness.

Golden Leaf Acupuncture INC is a preferred provider for some insurance provides.  Call us to find out if our services are covered by your health plan as an In-Network or Out of Network provider. We work with the insurance companies directly and provide continuous care to expedite the healing process for our Personal Injury and Workman’s Compensation patients.

Our Promise to You and to the Community

Golden Leaf Acupuncture INC is committed to providing the best possible care. Our goal is to get you better quicker and to help you get back to living a life you love.

Our providers are leading experts in the field of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and the latest research in the field of Functional Medicine.

“Golden Leaf Acupuncture INC is committed to doing our best for our patients by providing a safe space where our patients feel listened to and cared for, and by continually furthering our knowledge and skills to better serve our patient population. ”

Please call 510-549-3000 or email for more information and appointments.

Our Service