Menstrual Cycles Deconstructed

Menstrual Cycles Deconstructed: What you need to know about your menstrual cycles and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Part 1 It’s complicated. You have at least reached the first steps of trying to figure out what is happening to you every month around the same time. Or maybe you are trying to figure out why you aren’t [...]

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To Acupuncture or not to Acupuncture….

Its not unusual to meet people who are skeptical about acupuncture or even wonder if it works.  There are so many various styles of acupuncture and then there are the herbs.  It can be daunting to begin sifting through all the information from so many different sources.   As practitioners of this medicine, we try [...]

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Welcome to our Blog.

We are excited about our new blog.  As we learn how to use it more efficiently we will post links to our videos, pictures of our clinic and little tid bits of information regarding our practice to this page.  Please check it from time to time to stay informed.

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