Its not unusual to meet people who are skeptical about acupuncture or even wonder if it works.  There are so many various styles of acupuncture and then there are the herbs.  It can be daunting to begin sifting through all the information from so many different sources.   As practitioners of this medicine, we try things and if it works, we keep it and if it doesn’t we study more to see why not and find another way to approach the condition.  And there is always another way.   Traditional Asian Medicine is simple and complex at the same time.    Each patient’s cause for pain and dis-ease is different.  For example some neck and shoulder issues are resolved using acupuncture in conjunct with trigger point therapy.   However some chronic pain patients may feel relief with just one needle in the ear.  Its quite amazing how varied it is.   From our experience, it depends on what is being treated.  Musculo-skeletal conditions, anxiety and some medical conditions such as IBS sometimes respond very well to just dry needing.  Cupping does wonders on neck, shoulder and back ailments.  Flu’s and Colds may need herbs in addition to acupuncture.  Gynecological conditions do well with both.  Depending on the patient, how long the condition has been going on, and the overall health and constitution of the individual, results can be anywhere from instantaneous to a regimen that will need to be followed for awhile.  It is our great privilege to be working with here at Golden Leaf  to work with so many different people and conditions as it continues to add to our experience as Asian Medicine Doctors.  In this blog we hope to dispense some of our experiences and explain the mechanisms of the tools we use to treat our patients.  Education and understanding of how it works aids in the healing process.