Dr. Anahita Forati is very meticulous and caring. After I stopped going to her for two years due to insurance issues/work schedule, I realized it was time to return to acupuncture. Immediately after my treatment, I felt uplifted and my body feels more like how I was before the strains and stresses of life. My partner told me even my posture looks completely renewed! I am very, very grateful to Dr. Anahita and I hope to be able to continue to see her.
Saved my life
Dr. Anahita Forati is a life saver. She was able to fit me in on a Saturday morning as I have been plagued by paralyzing back pain, stiffness, and mobility at a very busy time in my life. She has put me in a comprehensive regimen to get me back to living without pain again including acupuncture, cupping, other healing techniques, and a diet plan to shed the strain on my spirit. The initial results have been amazing and praying for well being in her gifted hands and care.
Awesome Acupuncture
I have seen Anahita  for about a year or so for a frozen shoulder, which is incredibly painful. They have provided amazing support with acupuncture, cupping and herbs. They are incredibly responsive to my needs and requests. The trigger point acupuncture allowed for less pain and greater mobility so that I could increase my range of motion. I now see them for maintenance so it doesn’t return and I LOVE getting treatments from them. They ROCK!!
Cathy Z.