Insurance Coverage

Covered Insurance Plans

Patients with Cigna, United Health, Sutter Health, as well as some self-funded PPO Blue Shield plans such as SHIP may have acupuncture coverage in our office.   SHIP patients will need an authorization from the health center they are affiliated with before we can provide care.  If you wish to check to see if your plan covers acupuncture please use this link to fill out your information and we will follow up with you.

Medicare recently made some changes in allowing acupuncture to be covered under the supervision of the patient’s primary physician. We are not a provider under the current Medicare plan.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury cases may be covered in our office.  Please fill out the information this link and choose the Personal Injury/ No fault/ Motor Vehicle option at the bottom of the form.

Workman’s Compensation

We work with various workman compensation insurance companies to provide care to their patients.  The process involves having an authorization for a number of acupuncture visits before care can be provided.  Please contact us for more information.